Long Train Runnin (Feat. Kid Karobi, SATURDAY ASTROLOGY & The Doobie Brothers)

by Something For The Pain

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This track has been around the block, yo! Think of this one as a track that you might find as a B-Side of an #SFTPmusic vinyl. The track began as a cover by SATURDAY ASTROLOGY, but ODryan took the stems off of the cutting room floor and rebuilt the track with Brandon Carter in mind. It features a story-based lyrical with a positive message. Something For The Pain is also joined by Kid Karobi (aka Josh from @BlackWingHalo), as well as the Doobie Brothers themselves.


[Brandon Carter - Rap]
Grew up on the South Side of Chicago
Little n*gga tryin' to hide from the 5-0
Everybody gangbang
On the corner
Slang cane
That's how n*ggaz maintain for survival
Older brother didn't let me get into that
Kept me off of the corner
Where all the other n*ggaz at
And he got my back still
Knowing sh*t could get ill
I'd probably been killed
If he didn't have
LOVE... ahhhh!

My n*gga P helped me
Get a pound of the green
We was gonna bag it up
And make profit
On the highway we hopped
Got stopped by the cops
Now they lookin' in the trunk
Where I locked it
Dogs found all of the drugs
Asked which one of us it was
Said if we let 'em know
They'd let one of us go
P said it was his
Because he had
LOVE... ahhhh!

I dropped out of school
Because a record label signed me
My deal was dropped
I had no backup plan behind me
I was homeless
On the streets
My girl took me in
And gave me something to eat
Let me stay at her crib
Until the money came in
And I know that she did
Because she had
LOVE... ahhhh!

[Kid Karobi aka Josh from Black Wing Halo - Rap]
I started the joke
That started the whole world laughing
Crass and embarrassed
All the fans of Frampton
Crampin' all the styles
People askin' what happened
Reaping for the souls
Creed fans be dampenin'
I got a serious jones for this sh*t
Music be my passion
MJ opened it
Poetry from Jim Carroll
Got me through the lows and highs
Feelin' all the sorrow
For all the people that died
Shout out to Brother Gibb
Forever Stayin' Alive

[Brandon Carter - Rap]
We all one
And nothing is all ours
Can't take it with you
After your last hour
We'll only know peace
When the power of love
Is over the love of power
I wonder how you get it
When ninety-nine percent of us
Starving while you living it
Texas, Arizona
Be trying to keep out the immigrants
But there's enough for us
For all of us to be living in
I think that we have to
Recognize greed as a cancer
I believe if you ask your God
What's the meaning of life?
He'll answer


released January 22, 2014
Ryan O'Donnell, Brandon Carter, Jim Santini, Alec Orenstein, Joshua Weinstein



all rights reserved