This Love (Feat. La'Rayne)

by Something For The Pain

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A full blown track with an interlude feel, "This Love" features a sample of La'Rayne and provides a sexy narrative, just in time for #ValentinesDay. Don't get your girl the same old flowers and chocolates... give her a little Something For The Pain.


[Hook - La'Rayne]
Baby, I believe in This Love

[Rap - Brandon Carter]
She love the way I'm doin' it
Love how I'm the man
And I ain't even gotta prove the sh*t
Love got her losing it
Cuz she know that I get higher than a pilot
She tryin' to be my stewardess
And she love how I got the cash
Popping tags like the n*gga to hit the lotto last
And she love when she's next to me
Ball so hard that the referees ask for my autograph
She love how I'm making her scream when we touch
But she hates when I leave in a rush
Make her look at me in disgust, but...

[Hook - La'Rayne]
Baby, I believe in This Love

[Rap - Brandon Carter]
I never met another so fly
She so bad other brothers won't try
Ass 39 with a 25 waist
Credit score over 8
Damn numbers don't lie
Dime in the face
I ain't tryin' to debate
Cuz my time's not to waste
If you want it don't lie
Stop playing hard to get
This game that I start to spit
You lookin' insane
If you refrain to take part of it
I'm something like Cupid
Takin' aim at your heart
And when I find my way find my way to it
Change your name to Ms. Carter
Quick fast
I know that thick ass ain't playin'
It's sweeter than the suite
Where we sleep on vacation
Fu*kin' with Big Brandon
Got the baddest hoes hatin'
Cuz we travelin' round the planet
Where they man just can't take 'em
But I can take you where you need to be
Wanna be with me
Think you need to believe in me
I can change your life
Your dress code and your scenery
You'll win a ring
As long as you're on a team with me

[Hook - La'Rayne]
Baby, I believe in This Love


released February 12, 2014
Something For The Pain, Ryan O'Donnell, Brandon Carter, La'Rayne, Jim Santini, Easy E



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